Generations’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Statement

Generations Health Care Initiatives (Generations) acknowledges there are individuals, groups, and communities who have been historically and systematically denied access to services, resources, and power. This is a result of systemic and persistent racism, discrimination and other forms of oppression. Structural marginalization has resulted in poor outcomes – health, social, political, economic, and overall increased vulnerability to harm.

As a respected asset in the Duluth region, Generations strives to center health equity. Achieving health equity requires investing in and directing disproportionate resources, including human resources, to historically marginalized populations. Our mission is most effectively fulfilled through a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness as operating principles and integrated into our core policies.

It is the policy of Generations to engage in an active and ongoing process that affirms human diversity in its many forms, encompassing but not limited to ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and identification, age, economic circumstance, class, disability, and religion. Generations seeks diversity in our staff, board, and partnerships to ensure that a range of perspectives and lived experiences are recognized and acted upon in achieving our mission.

About Us

Generations Health Care Initiatives is a private, non-profit foundation dedicated to engaging the community to improve health for all, especially underserved populations. Our primary geographic service area is Duluth, Minnesota and surrounding area.

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