Our approach

We operate differently from most other foundations. Through a variety of research methods, we identify major health issues affecting our community. We then search out best practices and bring innovative models to our community. Together with community partners we develop and implement initiatives that will make a positive impact on improving health. Cross sector collaboration with a broad range of organizations and community residents is a key component to our success.

Generations often serves as a coordinating or backbone organization for community initiatives. In this role, we provide technical assistance and when needed, establish an infrastructure for cross sector collaborative efforts. For various projects, we convene partners, guide the vision and strategy, align activities and communications among partners, serve as project managers, mobilize funding, provide financial management, measure impact, and advance policy.

Our priority areas

Generations establishes its priorities through an extensive strategic planning process. The current priority areas are:

  • Improve Access to Care
  • Advance Health Equity
  • Leverage and Support Strategic Alliances