What is Insure Duluth and how does it help with health care coverage?

The Affordable Care Act includes provisions to expand health care coverage to the uninsured and those seeking affordable coverage.

Sixteen organizations, representing community non-profit agencies, health care providers, foundations, faith communities, and higher education, have joined together to form the Insure Duluth Coalition. They have created a shared vision committed to coordinating efforts to ensure a comprehensive community approach to outreach and enrollment through MNsure in the Duluth area. Generations Health Care Initiatives serves as the convener and coordinator for Insure Duluth Activities.

A core component of the coalition’s efforts is to support a network of MNsure-certified navigators. Navigators are available at multiple sites to assist community members, free of charge, with enrollment into health coverage programs available through MNsure. Funding for navigators comes from the MNsure Navigator Outreach and Enrollment Grant Program. Generations has been the MNsure grantee for the Greater Duluth Navigator Network since 2013.

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