• Improve collaboration to make a greater impact on community health
    • Make data and information readily available, useable and understandable

Actively Engaged in Community Health Improvement

As health care evolves to embrace population health and moves upstream to address the root causes of poor health, Generations has assumed a key leadership role in accelerating this change at the local, regional, and state level. Generations maintains an infrastructure to guide, manage, and measure local community health improvement efforts, retaining a special focus on underserved populations. Some key initiatives are:

Bridge to Health Survey

The Bridge to Health Survey has been a valued source of information on the health status of adults in the Northland area for the past 20 years. Generations has directed and sponsored the Surveys since 2005. The success of the Survey has largely been due to strong collaboration across a wide expanse of organizations within the community.

Duluth Community Health Needs Assessment

Generations joined with local hospitals and public health organizations to assist in conducting the Working Together for a Healthy Duluth: 2023-2025 Duluth Community Health Needs Assessment & Implementation PlanThe identified priority areas are: mental health, youth substance use, and food insecurity. Generations is currently collaborating with other partners on several of the strategies identified in the plan through the Bridging Health Duluth coalition.

Community Involvement

Generations’ staff are involved in several local and state efforts focused on improving community health. Some examples are: Arrowhead Parish Nurse Association, Duluth Community Schools Collaborative,  Duluth Vision 2030, Health in All Policies, LISC Quality of Life Collective Impact Collaboration, MN Community Health Worker Alliance, and Minnesota Public Health Association, MNsure Stakeholder Group, and United Way.